Joplin resizes attached images

I’ve attached an image with the dimensions 2024 × 1518 (648,685 bytes).

Now when I click on the image in my note and use Save as..., the image is different than the one I’ve attached. It now has the dimensions 1920 × 1440 (326,655 bytes). What ?!?!

This is a problem, because I gpg signed the image (gpg -ba) and added the ascii signature to the note.
But since the image has been changed by Joplin, the signature is not valid anymore.

This image has 649 KB, so it’s not anywhere near the attachment size limit and I seriously dislike the fact that Joplin messes with my files.

Any chance we can create an option in settings so that Joplin doesn’t change attached files?

@laurent I wasn’t sure, if this topic should be in the support or development category. it fits in both.

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It came up a few times on GitHub, i think there’s an issue about it.

I believe that the gh issue was about images with dimensions higher than 5000x5000.

I understand that it could make sense to rescale in certain situations, but it must be a choice, not a given.


I agree with tessus that I would expect Joplin to leave my files as is. Especially if I attach something.
If it would be a special image feature then it could make sense to resize it, maybe even with a dialog so that the user can choose his own size.
It’s already bad enough that WhatsApp and the like are reducing image sizes.

Here’s the gh issue as a reference:

I added this suggestion in github issue:

Another possible solution could be the following: include the resized images in the note (so that mobile app doesn’t crash) but also save the original image.
The resized one is used in the Joplin viewer, while the original is used when you right-click to open or save it.

The whole point for resizing the images in the first place (besides avoiding the crash on mobile) was to save space. While I like the idea, I doubt Laurent would go down this road.