Encrypted notes not decrypting

I have been using Joplin v 1.0.179 desktop on linux mint 119.2 tina for several months.
i also used 2 android devices v 1.0.329
i has been using the notes w/o issues. today, some of the notes from the desktop app remained encrypted. I tried to solve the issue, synchronize again, etc w/o resolution.
I ended with several master keys but still encrypted.
I can access the notes from the android devices but now there is an orange bar on top “Press to set the decryption password”.

  • How can i decrypt those notes on the desktop app?
  • How i can remove the orange bar and let only one master key, if possible?
    thanks for any suggestions in advance.

To begin with you could try upgrading your desktop app to a more current version that also supports the new encryption method the Android app is using.

Thank you.