Sincronización adjuntos que no se descargan

Evernote cada vez restringe más el plan gratis y por casualidad os encontré.
Quiero empezar el nuevo año con vosotros porque ésto tiene muy buena pinta.
Tenía cerca de 500 notas con adjuntos, imágenes...
Entonces algunas se ven perfectas pero otras ni se ve la imagen y si hay un adjunto al pinchar el enlace da error.
Utilizo la última version en un Mac (Version 1.4.19) y en iPhone (Version 10.4.1). En el Mac desde donde importe mis archivos .enex todo correcto. El iphone estuvo sincronizando y parece que ha terminado pero me dice que hay mil y pico adjuntos sin descargar. ¿?¿? No me importa si va a tardar pero es que cuando le digo que sincronice no hace más. Sincronizo con One Drive
A ver que me decís.
Muchísimas gracias de antemano.
Ah y una sugerencia. Versión web ¿? Así no hay que instalarlo en el ordenador. O si estás en un ordenador que no es tuyo y quieres apuntar algo
En definitiva que lo poco que estoy viendo me gusta un montón

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@conchialfoz welcome to the forum.

As @tessus has pointed out, this forum usually operates in English. As it is your first post I have resorted to "Google Translate" to try to get an idea about what problem you have encountered.

As of today the latest release version is 1.5.12 and the release notes indicate that there have been improvements to the ENEX import.

Fixed ENEX import regression: Fix issue when importing ENEX file that contains invalid list elements
New: Add table captions when importing ENEX files
Fixed: Fixed importing certain code blocks from ENEX
Fixed: Fixed importing ENEX files that contain empty resources
Fixed: Fixed importing ENEX files that contain resources with invalid mime type

Possibly try importing again but using the latest version of Joplin?

Thank you very much for answering me so soon!
I will then install the latest version. I import all the notes again. Do I delete the existing notes that were imported in version 1.4.19? How are they completely erased? That no trace remains? It is that I see that in the cloud, Onedrive in my case there are many files ending in .md.
Thanks again for your attention and kindness.

Ok, sorry, thank you. I didn't realize it should be like this. It will not be repeated that even if you do not know English, the computer and Google translate it.

Oh how clumsy I am !!
I wanted to answer your help and asked you if I should delete all the notes and also in the One Drive cloud in my case
Thank you

Personally, to test this, I would just delete all the notes and notebooks in Joplin and then synchronise it with OneDrive. There may be some remnants left in the folders on your drive but you will not see these in the client. Then install the new Joplin version (you do not need to uninstall the old version) and import the ENEX file again. There is a method of completely removing all data and starting again but it is rather complex and not worth doing just to check that the new version solves your problem.

I'm here again
Thank you
New version installed on two different Mac computers operating systems. It seems that there will not be much problem. Is that when importing an error came up that directed me to the console but I don't know how to handle or manage code. At the moment it is still similar on the iPhone that there are notes that the image is not seen and the file when opened gives an error.
Thanks again for your help.
I guess I'll have some notes that when I need them they won't work for me. But surely those who create new ones from January directly in Joplin will not have any problem.
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¡hola conchialfoz!
mi gusta mucho ti logotipo

Simplemente es cambiar el avatar que tu lo puedes hacer

I thought it was written in Spanish and that's why I deleted it
I'm going to blow you crazy

Hello again!
In my computers it works, maybe there is a note that does not but as there are many I still do not know. I say this because it gave an error.
By cons on the mobile the links and images do not work. Only in very few notes.
If I look at the synchronization status in the joint section it says: Not downloaded 1354, Downloading 3, Downloaded and decrypted 52, Downloaded and encrypted 0 and Error 0. Then I tell it to synchronize and it says getting resources 3/10 but does nothing
Where can I ask this?
With how well everything works

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