Some items cannot be synced.

I use two OS.
Debian and kali linux.
To fix the error in kali linux, I deleted the local repository and uploaded the file to dropbox.

Do you have a more practical way for this error?

Hi, I'm not sure I can follow your post. Do you or do you not have a sync problem at the moment?

If you do, could please follow the debugging instructions and paste the logs? (as text in a code block, please)

Also, please do tell what sync target and joplin version you're using.

I corrected it tonight. I deleted every local repository on machine 2. And did a cloud download sync to a physical machine.

This process takes time. I saved the error prints to know other possibilities to solve. I realized it might be the same names in the same Joplin directory. I will follow the steps you said are the logs in the next opportunity. Thanks!

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