What directories do I need to copy to manually save all my note data?

I want to back up a one-time save of all of my Joplin notes [Android client]

I do not want to use the sync option though because it does not work with the particular remote volume I am using, and even if it did also I prefer the security of directly copying it myself. (I am fully aware that this will not update notes after the initial save, and that I will have to manually import them into a different device / install)

That said, I'm not sure exactly what folders from Joplin I need to copy to get everything, since I know that much of the data is saved outside the usual app directories?

On my phone I have this folder here, which appears to be separate from the usual app directories - I must have set this up when I first installed - that also appears to contain all of the note data:

If I just copy and save this entire folder and its contents, will that preserve all the note information? If I later install Joplin on a new device, will I only need two retrieve that folder and the client will be able to parse it all?

I have the "sync" option turned on, but it directs to the local file system (I think actually that's what this folder is) and there is a password. Is there any kind of extra key file from the regular Joplin app directories that I would need to save with this as well?


I believe you only have to save / copy the folder with the notes themselves, because when you do a fresh install of Joplin anywhere else it will provide all the other directories. But, don't quote me on this.

I am actually also interested in an exact answer, as I have found most of the available syncing options to be unsatisfactory, so I will probably have to do some manual transferring myself.

And by the "file with the notes" you mean the one that you choose to location of, not any of the stuff that is in the usua "app data package"?