Side-by-side view

An option for a side-by-side view of two notes would be a great addition :sunglasses:

My use case: I often take notes during meetings or while working at a customer site, and later on consolidate them into a high-level summary and/or to do list of multiple meeetings. Having a side-by-side view would allow me to have the summary always open on one side and iterate over the single meeting-notes on the other side.

The nemo file manager offers a similar functionality with the following UX:

  • F3 toggles side-by-side view ("split view")
  • there is exactly one navigation pane that shows the location of the currently active side (and allows to change the location)

I'm not sure if this is the best solution, but I'm growing used to it and wanted to leave it as an example.

There were previous similar topics, but they went into another direction or wanted to go for full tiling:


I agree this would be a great feature, I’ve seen “tabbed notes” suggested a few times.

For a workaround in the meantime, I use the “open in external editor” button to open multiple notes at once. Not perfect for a lot of reasons, but works when I am doing a lot of copy pasting between notes.


Thanks for sharing your workaround! Sounds like a good way to circumvent the “problem”.

Yes, this would be a feature I would use! In NixNote2 (third party Evernote client) I used two functions to similar ends:

  • tabs (open all of the relevant notes in their own tabs, keyboard shortcuts switch between them)
  • open note in new window (opens a copy of just the editor pane in a new window, arrange as you like)

Having either or both (or something similar) in Joplin would be great!