Show first line in notes list?

This is probably something fairly simple to do but so far I haven't been able to figure it out. I scrolled through the entire list of plugins but no luck. In the past I have used what I think is called the Zetelkasten method of naming a note (year/month/day/time) which is great for making sure each note is individual and for sorting them. Then my practice has been to have a brief explanation of what the note is about in the first line. At the moment in Joplin I just have the title which is not much help when browsing notes. Is there an easy way to show the first line of a note in the notes list? Thanks

This is a fairly common request but currently isn't possible.
The closest equivalent is probably to use the Note overview plugin which will allow you to make notes which contain summaries and links.

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Thanks - I'll give that a try

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