Show „All notes“ when starting Joplin

It would be really a handy feature if when opening Joplin it would always start at a certain point. Some kind of favorite folder, in my case "All notes". In "All notes" you have all constantly or recently used entries in view. I think there are some users like me who want to get to these notes or lists to edit them.
Thanks in advance

I am using plugin Home Note.
It allows to set any note as home note, and Joplin always starts there.
I don't know how to start in All notes.
But, because my notes are always sorted by title, starting in All notes makes no sense to me.


I would prefer a direct integration, like with a web browser, where you can customize the start page, but thanks for the tip. Until then I will definitely give it a try. :+1:

Thank you for sharing, I just installed the plugin Home Note.

Well, the plugin does not seem to work properly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: