Shortcut to close a note

I searched for this but could not find an existing post on it.

I am missing the ability to set a keyboard shortcut to close an indvidual note. In other editors (I come from Subilime Text), you can use CMD+W to close the current file. In Joplin CMD+W hides the entire application window.

Can we please get the ability to configure such a keyboard shortcut?

Joplin only has the ability to open one note at a time so I'm not sure what this feature would do?

I use the Note Tabs plugin and thus Joplin can show me multiple open notes as tabs. I'd like to be able to close the currently active note with CMD+W (or any other shortcut).

It might be possible to add this to the Note Tabs plugin itself, but I think it would be much more elegant and a lot simpler to simply enable a shortcut for closing the currently active note.

This would be something to add in Note Tabs because it just doesn't really make any sense in Joplin itself as there isn't really a state where you would need to close a note, it always displays whatever note you have selected rather than an "empty" buffer.

Thanks for the info. I was not aware about the internal state of a note in the app.

I'll reach out to the author of Note Tab to check if it might possible to include such a shortcut or functionality in the plugin.

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