Sharing notes in full. How?

Hello everyone

Returning to Joplin. There have been some really great changes.

I like to embed photo and add attachments. When I share these the attachments are replaced with text and the attachment removed.

Now forgive me for asking a dumb question, but is there a way of sharing the note “as is” that is to say when you have finished editing and you see your note in all its glory, can you sure that so that the recipient sees the note as I do? The Joplin site says “share your notes on the internet”. I know how to share notes but text only, no attachments.

Best wishes all



Client version? OS? Joplin Cloud or self-hosted Joplin Server (version)?

Also, when viewing the shared note, what is the text you see instead of the image/file?

Lastly, in the Joplin client itself is the missing image/file in the note referenced like:

![test.png](:/163805c0104148e39d58f061c09981d7), or,