Joplin listed as #6 in this LifeHacker article


Thanks! Even better is that Joplin is not #6 in a ranking…there is no ranking…

I take note of which online note application that is not on the list...

A few years ago I couldn't envision using anything but Evernote. I had the paid version and used it extensively as it was perfect for the way I worked. Then they changed to online only and I was stuck. Much of my work is done where there is no type of internet access and Evernote just quit working for me. Really glad I found Joplin. It's not as polished as Evernote, but it just works.


Bear and Apple Notes are a no go for me as a Windows/Android user.

I use Keep for quick notes and reminders. I love the Galaxy watch integration. For serious note taking it's a little too basic, especially the fact that it had no note history. I once accidentally tried to copy a large text portion and instead replaced it with the letter C. I noticed it too late, closes the note and ended up having to rewrite everything all over again because there was no longer a way to undo.

Tried both OneNote and Notion, but couldn't make friends with either. Simple Notes, as the article points out, is truly basic and doesn't offer enough features for me.

As for Evernote, I consider them about the same as I think of LogMeIn, 'nuff said.

Surprised that the article doesn't mention Obsidian, which has its own good qualities.
Of course I am happy I chose Joplin and can't see myself switch to something else anytime soon :grinning:


Poor comparisons... OneNote? That's not remotely similar to Evernote. And when did Apple go cross platform?

Lazy article. Misunderstands note taking entirely. I'll stay with Joplin :grinning: