Sharing a note: "Unsupported WebDAV URL format"

Joplin 1.0.201 (prod, darwin)
Client ID: 3fb49c44bf6441b8a8b365279b908c1e
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 28
Revision: e65af8c (master)
macOS Catalina

Hi Everyone,

I’m getting the Unsupported WebDAV URL format error, though it only seems to be when attempting to share notes. When I:

  1. Right-click on a note
  2. Click Share note from the dropdown
  3. Copy Shareable Link button in the popup

I get the following error:

Could not connect to the Joplin Nextcloud app. Please check the configuration in the Synchronisation config screen. Full error was:

Unsupported WebDAV URL format:[]

I’ve tried both configuring NextCloud and WebDAV in the Joplin app Preferences, but both return the same thing. Is this a NextCloud versioning issue? Or might I be doing something wrong?

Sync works fine by the way. Just having the issue when attempting to share any note.


the correct format is like this one:

https://[Your Domain]/remote.php/webdav/Joplin_Notes/

Don’t forget to fill in your username and password in the other fields and it should be working.

The syncing on its own is fine. The URL, username, and password are correct, and Joplin syncs with no errors. I only get this error whenever I try to share a note.

Exact same thing here: sync is working fine but I'm getting the "Unsupported WebDAV URL format" error when trying to share a note through shareable link.
OS: Win 10 Pro 64
Joplin: 1.0.245 (prod, win32)

As said here, I have the exact same problem.

The problem doesn't seem to be related to the client OS, 'cause it occurs on Linux as well as on Windows or Android.