Joplin Web API for Nextcloud

Works fine in NC 18, so it is safe to raise the manifest requirement.

Excellent initiative!
Although share encrypted notes would be definitely better, at least it is usable tight away.
I can confirm web API works on NC 18 as well.

One important suggestion - display (store) the shared link in the note or content properties visible in a client. Otherwise one should save it somewhere manually (and not forgot to do so!).

Not sure if this has been posted yet but there’s a blog post by Nextcloud about Joplin and GSoC.

It is mentioned in GSoC live blog
it was created as we ask them to do so

Hi, I have been setting an environment to test how this integration works, but there are some things that are not clear to me:

According to the FAQ, the features are:

  1. Sharing a note publicly
  2. Sharing a note with another Joplin user (who uses the same Nextcloud instance)
  3. Collaborating on a note
  4. Sharing a notebook (This one is negated right after, inthe FAQ)

From these, the only one I was able to make it work was the 1, I did not find a way to achieve the others, what steps should I follow?


New user of Joplin, I try to get the "sharing note" feature working.
I've installed Joplin Web API (0.0.25) on Nextcloud 18.0.7

Nextcloud synchronization works like a charm. But when I try to share a note, I get:

Impossible de se connecter à l'appi Joplin pour Nextcloud. Veuillez vérifier la configuration. L'erreur complète était :

Unsupported WebDAV URL format: https://mydomain.tld/remote.php/dav/-files/julien/Documents/Joplin

(I don't understand why there is a minus sign here)

I get the same error message (without the minus sign) when I click "Check status" in the Options page.

What am I missing?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I love it! It has been very useful for me. I have set it up with NC 17 on my QNAP, and can now sync and share using my NAS.

I found some issues with the layout of the share notes (indentation of lists and inline images):

I will be testing this a bit more the next couple of weeks.

Hi. What are the most recent developments on this app? I tried to update it in my Nextcloud system but I got an error message that the license for it had been revoked.

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Hi, I´m also interested in updates on the nextcloud app, would love to see it on NC19 and NC20 :slight_smile:

I expect it's going to be discontinued in favour of Joplin Server -

What does "Joplin Server" exactly mean? Will I have (the possibility) to install another server on my Synology Diskstation? I have same problem like jln and would be just happy to correct the path/url mismatch for Nextcloud-Webdav from "webdav" to "dav" in the Joplin Web API. Shouldn't this solve the problem above?

The link is for a GitHub page that unfortunately means little to me. When you have time ( :slight_smile: ) would it be possible to give a brief high-level overview of what you are endeavouring to develop? Nothing overly technical, just what the general functionality would hopefully be and how you see it being deployed (I notice that there are references to Docker). I only ask as I do currently run an Internet-facing Nextcloud server but now the only thing I use it for is Joplin. So one day being able to use something that is actually intended just for Joplin interests me.


The short term goal is to develop a new type of sync target, like Dropbox, Nextcloud, etc. but specifically for Joplin. It will be more performant than Nextcloud (or WebDAV in general), and of course more performant than Dropbox or OneDrive (but only because they throttle connections).

Once it's working it will allow implementing features that are currently missing in Joplin, in particular:

  • Sharing a note with anyone, using a URL. When the note is changed, the content at the URL is changed too.

  • Sharing a notebook with a user on the same Joplin Server instance. For example, if you share a notebook with another user, that user will see this notebook in their desktop or mobile app, and will be able to edit the notes, etc.

Although it's not really planned, if there's ever a Joplin web app, this server would be the starting point for it.


Thanks for the briefing, thats sound good. Just hope it will be easier to install than Nextcloud on my Synology NAS :wink: so that it will find broad acceptance for hobby IT administrators like me :see_no_evil:

Thanks so far for the great work on the Joplin project!

I plan to release a Docker image, which should make things easier. Just out of curiosity, do you have any example of server-side app that's easy to install? Just to see if there are ideas I could borrow from them.

Is Joplin Server working as a prototype at all yet, to the effect it can be built and run, stability aside? I assume the source is ;

I'm in a bit of a pickle with the Snap packaging, since they automatically update by default it presents me with some awkward choices on how to not break any existing users, and I can't actually turn off the automatic updates from my end. I almost assuredly can't win every use case here without providing a seperate installation file for V1.5 outside the store or just encouraging people to use the AppImages instead. What I can do though is get the server running as a snap too (potentially as the same package or seperated depending on which makes more sense), and probably hold back the update for a few weeks after Joplin Server is generally available to give people time to explore their options.

Is Joplin Server expected to debut alongside Joplin v1.6?

Does Joplin Server have any protocol guarantees, does the client version and the server version have to match up or is there expected to be a lot of leeway?

Is there expected to be any deprecation notice in Joplin itself?

I'm not sure but it might, as a beta feature at first, and without support for sharing notes. This is so that I (and anyone interested) can start using it every day and double-check there's no problem. The server passes the Joplin test units so normally it's already quite reliable.

They won't have to match up as ideally any change in the server will be backward compatible. If a breaking change is necessary at any point, there will be deprecation notices. Perhaps the API could be versioned as well.

For the snap package it's up to you, but the Nextcloud App support has always been in beta version, and Nextcloud broke the app more than a year ago (when they made a mistake with signing certificates). There was also a notice saying the app was pretty much discontinued. So I don't expect there is that many users, and themselves probably don't expect the feature to be very stable.


Hearing Nextcloud support never got proper traction makes me a lot more comfortable with pushing 1.6 when it's released. My main concern was with people who might use Nextcloud via hosting services where there'd be no ability to just swap out for the Joplin Server, but if it was never really stable to begin with then all's good there.

I'll look into the potential of snapping the server when it matures a little further. There's a fair few server snaps already existing, including Nextcloud itself ( ) and they tend to work really well in general, so it might be trivial enough to offer it on my end. (And on the plus side, it can't have broken fonts because servers don't usually have fonts!).

Thanks for the info!

I am thinking, if joplin naturally supports note sharing, then do I need to develop a tool for joplin-hexo to export blogs. . .

Well, I mean for simple "stupid" (mainly windows) users like me, an easy install would be a package like offered from for my NAS. QNAP and other home use NAS-server producers might have similar free package repositorys. Nextcloud is not there, but installation was compfortable for me because I found a step-by-step manual for my Synology diskstation plattform. So install of a Joplin server should be possible in some way for me, just important to have my personal private server off from google. evernote & co. The workaround with saving my notes on Nextcloud is not a bad option for now. If you are targeting a large user community for Joplin with a server, I have no good ideas for lack of experience with linux, sorry!