Share Dropbox sync folder with others

I really like this app, but I’m trying to make it work for a use-case in which several coworkers share notebooks and sync changes amongst each other. With Dropbox syncing, it seems Joplin forces you to save the synchronization files to the Apps\Joplin folder, which doesn’t appear to be shareable with others inside Dropbox.

Is there some other method for doing this, or is there a way to move Joplin’s synchronization folder elsewhere in Dropbox so it can be shared out?

Thank you!

It can only sync with Apps/Joplin at the moment. The way to achieve what you want would be to create a Dropbox account specifically for sharing with your co-workers.

I’m hoping proper support for user sharing will be added at some point but it’s still a long way, and it probably won’t work with Dropbox.

Thank you for the quick reply, Laurent. That’s about what I was starting to think, so thank you for confirming the situation. Keep up the great work!