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Symbolic link of Joplin folder in Dropbox


I’m using Joplin version 1.0.167 on manjaro linux (x64)

I have a free Dropbox account with limited space, so my brother offered me a shared folder from his paid Dropbox account (1 TB). I wish to keep the synced data of Joplin in that folder, which I’ll call say FOLDER1.
Is it possible to move the Joplin folder in this shared FOLDER1, and make a symbolic link called Joplin in Apps, pointing to Joplin in FOLDER1? This of course in the Dropbox folder in the home directory. Will this work for syncing? If not, then what could be the solution?

no, you can’t use a symbolic link

  1. joplin does not use the filesystem to store stuff on dropbox
  2. joplin use a dropbox token that allow joplin to add notes on your dropbox account

so to use another dropbox acccount you need to start joplin with another profile path and trigger a sync with the 2nd dropbox account

Thank you for the reply.
Of course it is not possible to ask for the credentials of my brother’s account.
But the folder is shared, I have edit permissions in it and it shows as a folder in my home Dropbox directory and in Dropbox web interface. Maybe Dropbox does not allow an app to handle a shared directory (folder) of another account.
I can manually keep a backup in the shared folder, but when I run out of space, it won’t help. I have to think of another way or use another cloud provider.

Now, another question:
Is it possible to change the location where Joplin syncs (adds notes) in Dropbox (in my own account)?

Thanks again. :slight_smile: