Changing synchronization target from Dropbox (business account) to Dropbox (personal)

  • I am synchronizing notes with Dropbox, when installing, i pointed the program to my Dropbox business account.
  • I am changing organisations thus Dropbox business will cease to exist and I need to let Joplin know that I want it to synchronize with Dropbox personal account.
  • How do I change this configuration, what is the process?
  • Joplin Version 1.0.174 (Windows)

I believe that Joplin works with your locally installed Dropbox installation. As long as your Windows machine Dropbox set-up is working properly with the right account, Joplin sync will do the right thing as well.

In other words, this is a Dropbox config issue, not a Joplin config issue.

should work like this:

  • safety first: backup/export everything from joplin into a jex file. make sure that you backup everything/put all your notes under 1 top level notebook

  • switch your dropboxaccount in your dropbox-desktop app

  • sync from joplin to dropbox (new dropbox token)

  • if sync does not work: force sync by deleting all notes in Joplin, import backup and sync …