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Pretty new to using the terminal in general. I downloaded both the app and terminal command line version of Joplin. I would like to use the command line exclusively but after creating a notebook and a “test” note, I cannot add anything to the body. I get a spawnsync EACCC type of error. Can someone help me on where I am going wrong? Thank you!

You might have set the editor incorrectly.

What is the exact error message?
What do you get back, when you enter :config editor in the terminal app?
On which OS are you?

thanks for getting back to me. See images below

Hmm, ok, I doubt this will work. AFAIK the Apple Notes app does not save text in plain text.
You will either have to use something like /usr/bin/vim or any application that saves the note as plain text.

See also

I just noticed the the FAQ is about the GUI app, but IMO it should also work with the terminal app. I use /usr/bin/vim in my CLI terminal app on macOS and Linux.
I haven’t tried to use a GUI text editor with the term,inal app, but I believe someone on this forum has. There should be a topic about this, or maybe it was on github.

I’m sure someone will chime in. It’s just a matter of time.