Set the external editor

Running Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, darwin) on 11.6.5 Big Sur

where can I set my choice of external editor? The Joplin FAQ directions are not working for me.

It should just be in the general tab?


Is it not showing correctly?

Yeah okay - thanks
but I am trying to fire off the editing to VS code

I put 'code -n --wait' and that does not work. Do I need to run from the /Applications folder - if so how do I represent a filename with a space in it?


You may well need to do it from the applications folder, on mac I think I used /Applications/
I don't think you need to worry about spaces, just use the filepicker on the app you want.

Thanks - okay I have the editor working - is there anyway to get Joplin to auto set "Stop external editing" when the associated VS code window is closed.


I don't think so but i could well be wrong, i think it is only looking for changes in the temporary md file.

If you use vscode a lot for editing then you may want to look at the Vscode plugin which allows you to access your joplin system within vscode directly.


Oh great idea - thanks Joplin crew for the amazing software.

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