Joplin rest api some questions

  • [ ] How to open a note in an external editor based on noteId
  • [ ] How to monitor changes in notes

scenes to be used

-Click on the note in vscode to open it in vscode
The current idea is to find the installation directory of joplin, modify the is_share field of the note to true, and finally open ${id}.md. The key is whether the second part will work?
-Use the plugin in vscode to display a list of all notes, if there is a change outside of vscode, then refresh the entire tree

What you want to do is quite ambitious and I’m not sure the API is best tool for this. You could get the list of notebooks and create/update notes via the API, but it doesn’t offer any way to watch for changes. And indeed it’s not currently possible to use external editing via API.

Why not try to add the feature directly to Joplin? You could create some service that exports a tree of folders and files to mirror the notebooks and notes, and then watch for changes in both Joplin and filesystem. Then you can edit these files in VSCode but also in any other text editor.

Because there is currently no editor for any note-taking tool that can be compared with VSCode, I am sure of this because VSCode is a professional editor/IDE. Similarly, VSCode has a very large plug-in ecology, there is no need to implement the editing functions that VSCode already has for the note-taking tool (don’t repeat the wheel creation). Finally, All in one is a very comfortable experience, I use VSCode as the main text editor, naturally hope to be able to operate notes in VSCode.

I don’t understand why Joplin does not use Monaco (VSCode’s editor core) as an editor, but has to reimplement these editing functions. . .

In other words, I need to modify Joplin, add functions and expose services to support vscode or other editors, right?
I haven’t touched the joplin source code, it may need to be later. . .