Serious lagging when there are tens of thousands of notes

I have around 20,000 notes in Joplin now. Whenever I have edited around five notes in quick succession, serious lagging occurs. Anyone having the same problem?


Is there a "flag.txt" on your profile folder or any large log file?

Hi Laurent, there isn't a flag.txt. But there is a log.txt which is 9.81 MB.

On what operating system and which Joplin version? Also does it happen in every notebook or only in some of them that contain many notes?

Windows 10 pro. The latest version of Joplin.

It happens in every notebook.

Is this unusual? Or is this something that happens when there are over 20000 notes? I also notice that the "database.sqlite" file has become very large - around 350 MB.

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It shouldn't happen but such slow down is hard to replicate and fix without having the same dataset.

Is it possible to reconstruct the dataset to fix the problem?

I've made some tests with 2,000 notebooks and 50,000 notes and having many notes doesn't make a big difference, however having many notebooks and, I expect, many tags, does due to some performance issues with the sidebar rendering (which I'm hoping to fix).

Could you go to Tools -> Sync Status and copy and paste the content of that screen here? This is to get an idea of the data you have and where might be the problem.

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Hi Laurent, here is the screenshot. But it does not seem to me that it is related to synchronisation. This is because I have tried to disable synchronisation, but the problem remains. It happens when I edit one or two notes.

Yes I don't think it's related to synchronisation either. What's lagging exactly, is that when you type, change note, or something else?

Hi Laurent, I have recorded the screen and uploaded it to YouTube to better illustrate the problem. Thanks.

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My problem seems to have been solved by exporting all my notes to a single jex file and importing it again into Joplin. Thanks very much and sorry for the trouble.

I honestly feel that Joplin is a great product and it was a good decision to migrate from Evernote to Joplin.


Oops. That's bad news. It happens again.

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I've tried to reproduce it on a database with 10,000 notes but couldn't find any lagging.

Could you check if a smaller number of notes also cause the issue?

Congratulations for one of the greatest open source projects out there!

Thought I should chime in and tell you that I got the same or a similar problem. It started with the version update to v1.1.4

I got a lot less notes then terence.
Running on Windows 10 Pro

Note: 219/219
Folder: 30/30
Resource: 312/312
Tag: 99/99
NoteTag: 367/367
MasterKey: 1/1
Revision: 416/416
Totalt: 1444/1444

I cannot reproduce it all the times but it happens often enough to be distracting. When it happens the results is kind of like in terences video. The freeze doesnt last very long in my case. Perhaps for 1-3 seconds and then lets go.

I also get the symptoms described in this thread:

Here's a Joplin database with 10,000 notes for anyone trying to reproduce the issue. It seems the more notes you have, the greater the problem.

I have a suspicion it's because of the spellfix extension since we're using a precompiled extension for Windows. And all the problems seem to be from Windows 10 Pro users.