Searching is a bit messy

I've found searching in Joplin needs a few improvements.
The first the one commented here few days ago:

and apart from that one, when I search using multiple words (e.g. "define a") Joplin filters correctly where this two words appear together, so great, but when I click on the note, it highlights all the "a" characters in the documents, so half of the document is highlighted, even the characters between the words, not just the "a" isolated.

I tried searching using "define a " (note the space after "a") but spaces are totally ignored, and multiple times are quite useful and important for searching and filtering.

Another (and last) issue I've found is that if I'm searching for something like "define a", and then I modify the search with "define e", if the current document has this two word combinations, the initial "a" is still highlighted (is not being reset)


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