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I recently started using Joplin after trying various personal wiki options. I like it, but the search feature leaves me wanting. Please consider the following improvements.

You have Joplin open. In the search window you enter a string of text. Joplin shows only notes that contain that term, but the term is not highlighted in them. You only see the term highlighted in the notes if you toggle the editor so that you see both editors. But if you by default use only the one wysiwyg editor, search terms are not highlighted.

You can use Control-F to search within one note. And yes, when you only use the WYSIWYG editor only, it highlights the term and you can jump to the next instance. Nice. But it only works within the one note. Improve it to ask you about jumping to the next note when it reaches the last search result in the current note? And if you click on another note and hit F3, let it remember what you search for last time by default or pick from a drop down?

So the global option does not highlight search results and the search inside a note highlights them but does not let you search wider than the one note. Please make both more powerful.

What I would like it this: You have Joplin open using only the nice WYSIWYG editor. In the search folder you enter a search term. It shows only notes that contain that term as it already does. It should highlight the terms in the WYSIWIG editor, but it does not. You should be able to press F3 or something to jump from one search results to next and when it gets to the end of one note, jump to the next. Right now you have to search for a term to find the notes that contain it. Then you have to use control-F inside each one repeatedly and repeatedly enter the same search string again. UGH.

Please make it easier to find all instances of a search term (in multiple notes), see them and jump between them. Finding information in your notes is likely one of THE key features of any notes application. Joplin makes that too much work.


The search behavior you are requesting seems quite foreign to me. Which major note apps have this search behavior?

Wikidpad: You enter a search term, it shows you a list of notes that contain the term with a short abstract of the occurrence in each one, highlighted. You click on the one you want and it jumps to that note and that instance, still highlighted.
Notepad++: You can enter a search term and select find in all open documents and it shows you a summary of where the term is found in all the documents and you can jump to the one you want.
Visual Studio Code: You enter a search term and it highlights it in the document and you can press F3 to jump to the next one.

At the very least in Joplin, if you enter a search term and it is only using the WYSIWYG editor which is the default, highlight the terms? And it a hotkey or button so you can jump through them in the list of notes shown?

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If the search result is in multiple notes, then as a user, I should be able to select each note that shows on the search result and go through each note using F3 (or some other function) without having to do a CTRL F and re-entering the search phrase on each of those notes to find the same search result. The 2016 version of Microsoft OneNote does it fine.

After OneNote returns all the page results that match a search word or phrase, you can chose a select one of the matching notes. After that, press <Ctrl + F> without re-entering the search phrase. A search control will appear at the top-right of the window, just above the page tabs. Click the forward/back buttons to navigate through each occurrence of the search string on the page. To get back to the original search results, press <Ctrl + E>.

Microsoft removed this function from the Windows 10 version. What is the problem? Do programmers just not use the apps they write?

The answer to this is the same everytime someone is shocked that their pet feature is missing. Every person uses the app differently and has a different priority for features. I'm not disagreeing with you that this would be a useful feature, but I also know that even if it was implemented I personally would have no need of it. So it doesn't make sense to suggest that the devs aren't using the app, they just use it differently most likely.

P.s. in the case of One Note it actually does seem likely that the devs aren't users. But it's misguided to think that the programmers get any real say in product features at Microsoft.

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