Searching for phrases

How does the search in Joplin work? I'm looking for some notes where I saved links to YouTube videos. Searching for "com" gives me lots of result and more than one YouTube link:

Searching for "yout" gives no result:

How can I find all notes with YouTube links?

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Got it, sorta. Joplin searches for words:

This is really not the way I expect search to work. Can I change the search to work with regular text and not with words?

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You should type yout*

Perhaps GotoAnything, under Tools, would work more like you expect as it also includes incomplete matches

Thanks for the help, guys.

@dmagister : great, that works well.

@laurent : that works, too. But the search results don't scroll and the highlighting is creative:

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Oh that's so strange, which version is that? It's not happening for me on 2.10.9.

And for scrolling normally you can use the up and down arrows, is it not working?

The behaviour is the same for my iMac with High Sierra and the Air with Ventura 13.2. I'm using 2.9.17 which is the latest version from the website.

I can use the up and down arrows but the scrollbar is missing. Normally, my scrollbars are set to show always. This sometimes makes problems with modern devs. But even after changing the scrollbar setting to "When scrolling" I don't get scrollbars in the Go to window.

For me the scrollbars show up, and we don't want to hide them actually so it's weird they don't show up for you. But it looks like the GUI is slightly different than default, so could it be some theme you're using?

Also any chance you could try prerelease 2.10.10 to see if it's any different? It's pretty much the final version we're going to release in a few days so it's safe to install:

I often use slash (/) and any part of the word.
For example /utub in your case.
But in this case there will be no highlighting.

The missing scrollbar happens because of the macOS theme plugin. Without the plugin the scrollbar is visible:

The beta version fixes the selection problem:

The buttons looks a bit odd, though:

Thanks @bwillius, we weren't aware of that and indeed it will need to be fixed before the final release

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I always make bugs :sunglasses:.


Is it happening on v2.10.10? I cannot reproduce this behavior. And if I remember correctly the length of the text is taken into account to calculate when the text displayed starts to shorten.

Yes, that's on 2.10.10. The length of the text is okay. But the height of the button should be larger. The below screenshot is from my M1 Air with Ventura in German locale:

And another variation:
Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 10.42.03
High Sierra

Where do I find "GotoAnything", I am on
Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, win32)

Client ID: f446cc769c344c9bb2285cf18018d36c
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: a84a8e7

and switched to English to try it.
No result, is it an extension?

It's under Tools > Goto Anything. Or Ctrl + P

Thanks but ..
I do not see it under Tools button but I do under Go button.
Do we have multiple versions of Joplin?

It's under Go