Search support for Turkish characters

The bug of the letters 'İ' and 'ı'

The list of weird Turkish letters:

  • Ğ ğ
  • Ü ü
  • Ş ş
  • İ i
  • Ö ö
  • Ç ç
  • I ı

For example, the a search for the letter 'i' should also search for the letter 'İ' (the uppercase of the letter 'i' in Turkish) but it won't. The same for 'I', it doesn't find its lowercase version, 'ı'. This should be fixed.

Suggestion: Search using English chars for non-English chars

The second thing is I both use the keyboard in English layout and Turkish layout (English in mobile). On English layout, I use English versions of those Turkish letters. Like c for ç, s for ş...

So I suggest this: the letters of the following list should work for search interchangeably

  • Ğ ğ G g
  • Ü ü U u
  • Ş ş S s
  • İ i I
  • Ö ö O o
  • Ç ç C c
  • I ı i

This suggestion of mine can also be used as an option:

Tools-> Options-> Search-> Turn on/off the search using English chars for non-English chars

Thanks for the efforts of devs! :slightly_smiling_face:

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