Mobile search problem with danish charachters

Hi All!

Among other things I use Joplin to maintain long lists of study sentences in danish. I’ve realized that when I search for words that contain danish characters such as Å,å,Æ,æ,Ø,ø the search finds the notes but doesn’t highlight the results within each note, which is a real problem as the notes are rather long.

Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Should I report it? Where do I do that?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t see this behavior when I search for Norwegian chars. Just tested searching for løv, lære, mår in my notes and those words are higlighted fine for me.

Tested on iOS and Android client.

Could you please try with words ending in such special chars ? something like på , gå , etc.

Search will be improved for non English languages in next release so let’s see if that fixes it.

Great. Looking forward to it !

Thanks Laurent!

jreyes: when the special characters are at the end of words they are indeed not highlighted (but the notes are still found).

Eagle: Thanks for trying. My initial claim was too broad.