Sorting Issue with Turkish Characters in Joplin Application: Alphabetic Order Quirk

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Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)

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Unfortunately, I am experiencing an issue with the Joplin application regarding the impact of letters such as "ü, ç, ş" in the Turkish alphabet on the alphabetical order of note folders and tags. If a word starts with letters like "ü, ç, ş" in note folders or tags, it is placed at the very end of the alphabetical order in both note folders and tags. For example, words starting with "ü" should come after words starting with the letter "u", but they are currently coming after words starting with the letter "z".

I believe the issue is related to ASCII codes. Attached is a visual of Turkish ASCII codes in the hope that it might help.

Thank you!

HTML equivalents for Turkish Characters:

Ü <=> Ãœ
Ş <=> ÅŸ
Ğ <=> ÄŸ
Ç <=> Ç
İ <=> Ä°
Ö <=> Ö
ü <=> ü
ş <=> ÅŸ
ğ <=> ÄŸ
ç <=> ç
ı <=> ı
ö <=> ö

ASCII equivalents for Turkish Characters:





I can reproduce it:

It would make sense to streamline this. I. e. sorting notebooks and tags in the same way as notes are sorted.

Yes, titles starting with Turkish characters are sorted properly in the order of notes. However, unfortunately, as shown in your screenshot, this issue exists in the sorting of notebooks and tags. Thank you for your contribution.

Would you mind creating an issue about it so that we can track it?


I hope the images I added are helpful. Please let me know if you need any additional data.

The correct alphabetical order should be "a, b, c, ç, d". However, in the visuals, only the notes are correctly sorted, while the notebooks and tags are incorrectly arranged.



Thank you.

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It means you are referring to opening an issue on GitHub. Through this occasion, I also understood that. Thanks for the GitHub issue.

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