Search body of notes?

Am I missing some something, but I’m unable to search the body of notes, search gives me titles of notes that contain the search terms but that’s it.

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Works fine for me. Search does give the title of notes, the bodies of which contain searched terms.

I have star emoji in some notes(body) and that comes up fine as well. On both Windows & Android.

What OS are you working with?

It may not work with utf8 character.

Yes, I can get to the note, but I can’t search inside of the note, some of my notes are very big and I need to be able to find a search term within the note body.

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Ah, you mean the text doesn’t jump to the search term. It doesn’t. It would be awesome to have this especially for long notes. Maybe @laurent can put this in his to-do list.

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it’s already a feature request

Thanks @foxmask for pointing it out.