Search function not showing all hits

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I have problems using the search function.
I have different notes in my joplin on mac (but it is also a problem on android).
E.g. there is one note titled “Anticholinerges Syndrom” and one note “cholinerges Syndrom”. So putting in the search string “cholinerg” should bring up both.
But it does bring up no hit (see image). If i put in “cholinerge” it brings up one note, if i put in “cholinerges” it brings the other.
However, all three search strings should bring up both notes, right?
What is the problem? It is the same in android app!

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Here is a description of the search function in Joplin:

I don’t think it is possible to find Anticholinerges by searching for cholinerges.

It should not return “cholinerges” by seraching for “cholinerge” either. You would have to enter cholinerge*

This seems a little limiting. I wish there was a way to use parts of words when searching, so that for example:


both would be found by searching for “paro”.

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Well, that is at least a good explanation.
However, it does not completely explain the search results in my picture above, since it does bring up hits also without the asterix but rather “randomly”.
And, as I understand the help text linked above I cannot place an asterix before a search term - so will it than always find word starting in a different way?
Anyway, thanks for the answer!

If I may say that even if this behavior is documented, it is not what the average non-technical user would expect how search works.

(1) if you put in string without wildcards you would expect that all notes are returned that contain that string (comparable to a regexp with a wildcard in front and a wildcard at the end of the string)

(2) if a wildcard character “*” is available, you would expect this to work in any place in the search input string.

Just my 2 cents.


I guess that the devs agree searching could be better as there is currently an ongoing project to overhaul the search facility in Joplin. Have a look at the search engine project to see what is currently being developed.

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Good to know!