Poor search ability/fails within code blocks & odd search results in general

I have a problem with Joplin failing to search within code blocks that are in notebooks/notes. This behaviour seems to follow regardless of platform (tested on Windows and Mac).

I can sucessfully search for a particular string in the general search box where it will return in which notebook/note(s) my search string exists in however, when I then try and search within the note itself, if the string is within a codeblock Joplin never finds the string - see attached image: -

The next issue I have is an odd one whereby it fails totally to search for a note by name, if I search for 'array' I'm returned one result, I know I have more than one result:

If I add more text to the search it then brings more back I'd expect the search to be wide going narrow not norrow getting narrower?

Going to the notebook directly the notes are there

This erratic search behaviour means I have to either know its not returning things or I have to assume its not in my structure.

anyone? :pensive:

Did you read the search doc? There are various options and filters you can use to find what you need.

I've looked at some of the docs but they don't explain/answer my query as to why (in my example above) it returns results going narrow first, surely it should return anything with the keyword?

As I say, it fails totally to search for a note by name, if I search for 'array' I'm returned one result however I have more than one note with the word 'array' in its title (both in the same location) so how come it doesnt return all results - something is wrong or broken with the search option?

Does the word "array" exist within the note body of that first note you highlighted?


For example, searching for cat will return all the notes that contain this exact word. Note: it will not return the notes that contain the substring - thus, for "cat", notes that contain "cataclysmic" or "prevaricate" will not be returned.

As for the codebock thing, this seems to be upstream in TinyMCE, it does the same thing in their demo:

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