Joplin version 1.0.241 to 245

v 1.0.245

This release is to fix the sync lock issues on devices that have an incorrect clock. Specifically, it should fix this error: “Cannot acquire sync lock: either the lock could be written but not read back. Or it was expired before it was read again”.

v 1.0.242

  • Fixes sync target upgrade issue when custom TLS settings are used

v 1.0.241

This release will ask you to upgrade your sync target and, once it is done, only the latest clients will be able to sync with this sync target. So please make sure you upgrade your other clients too (mobile, cli, etc.).

This version also includes an update to the search engine and as a result starting the app the first might be SLOW, as the search engine indexes all your notes. It might take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on how large your note collection is. This is a one off operation.

  • New: Add mechanism to lock and upgrade sync targets (#3524)
  • New: Add version info to error screen
  • New: Added KeymapService to manage keyboard shortcuts (#3252 by Anjula Karunarathne)
  • New: Added attach file to menu bar (#3540 by @R3dError)
  • New: Add search filters (#3213) (#1877 by Naveen M V)
  • Security: Apply latest package security updates
  • Improved: Add support for OneDrive for Business (#3433) (#1266 by @jonath92)
  • Improved: Codemirror: clean up list indent code (#3581 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Enable CodeMirror keybindings (#3545 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Fix AppImage Icon (#3570) (#3529 by @Jesssullivan)
  • Improved: Hide completed to-dos in GotoAnything (#3580)
  • Improved: Implement scroll-past-end on CodeMirror editor (#3589 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Show full folder name in mouse-over pop-up text (#3590) (#3569 by Allan Jacquet-Cretides)
  • Improved: Toggle Editor rather than setting split mode on search (#3561 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Fixed copy, cut and paste in Rich Text editor (#3565)
  • Fixed: Fixed scrolling issue when editing while searching in CodeMirror (#3593 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Fixed sync fetching issue (#3599) (#3591 by @alexchee)
  • Fixed: Fixed vim mode issue where status bar was not visible (#3606 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Modify the CodeMirror linter plugin to fix katex (#3582) (#3560 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Fixed Katex font rendering (#3664)
  • Fixed: Fix links within Mermaid documents (#3618)


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