Upgrade to v1.0.235 on desktop and changing sync target

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I’m running the desktop version of Joplin (currently 1.0.235) on Solus Linux, and the mobile version (1.0.336) on Lineage OS. I went ahead and upgraded the desktop version after using the Check for updates feature on the desktop.

Downloaded the appimage (previously had installed using wget), noted the upgrade to the sync target but didn’t think to check the mobile version. Obviously this is my fault.

When I noticed that the mobile version was no longer syncing (because it’s on database version 32, not 33 like the desktop) I assumed that there’d be a new mobile version released pretty quickly to align with the new desktop database version. But obviously that’s not the case. I also didn’t notice that the new version of Joplin that the app suggested was a pre-release, which may have reduced my enthusiasm to upgrade. Anyway, all my fault for not paying attention.

So I have 3 questions:

  1. Is it possible for me to upgrade my mobile version to 1.0.337?
  2. If not, is it possible for me to downgrade my desktop version to 1.0.233 (assuming this also changes the sync target back to version 32)?
  3. If downgrading the desktop version doesn’t change the sync target, is my only option to export my notes, remove Joplin, reinstall using wget, and import the notes?
  1. You can install the new Android version by downloading the apk directly from the GitHub releases page.
    2 and 3. It is possible to downgrade the desktop version but it won’t downgrade your sync target. You’re correct about the process to refresh the sync target, just remember to clear the sync target before connecting from the downgraded client otherwise.
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Thanks so much. Can’t believe I didn’t think to look for the apk…spent some time trying to figure out how to get a newer version from the Play store. This looks like the neatest solution for me.

But just in case, how do I go about clearing the sync target before connecting to it from the downgraded desktop version?

The app update using the apk worked perfectly. Sync working again. Thank you.

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You would just delete all the files in the Joplin folder of your sync target.

Sorry for a question out of topic. You are using Lineage OS. Do you have an banking app? How did you install it if you don’t have Google Store?

All the best

Lineage OS still allows you to install Google Play and all other Google apps (https://wiki.lineageos.org/gapps.html)