Developers Shouldn't Succumb to Their Egos

If I had known that sending private messages would be such a big problem, I might have considered tagging. But then I could have faced a question like "why are you tagging the developers, what if everyone does that?"

What I want to convey is this: If I were bothering you with a feature that wouldn't affect your comfort as an ordinary user and application user through PM, you would be right. I would even respect it if you banned me for it. However, what I'm pointing out is more than a feature deficiency. I'm saying that there is a bug-sized issue for the mobile application. I shared visuals in the thread. So, I'm not advocating for an ordinary feature that would make it easier for me to use the application. I'm addressing a serious issue that significantly affects my comfort using the application. Please distinguish between these two! The fact that the topic is not important to you does not change the reality that there is a serious problem that makes the usage difficult at the level of a "bug." Also, I would like to remind you that people who wrote in the thread agree with me.

Thank you for your explanation. I respect your experience in application development. At least, I believe I achieved my goal and conveyed the issue to the relevant individuals. The decisions you make from now on are up to you. Although I would prefer you to write in the thread I opened for the issue I am experiencing, I am glad to see your polite and constructive tone, even if we have different opinions. I wish you a good time on the forum.

I'm adding the title I opened for those who read the thread here: