Built-in Markdown Support for HTML Detail/Summary Tags

Hi, new Joplin user attempting to migrate away from Microsoft's OneNote (Windows 10 edition). So I can more effectively take notes for College, and also make a potential move to full Linux easier down the line.

There are a few features that I'm having difficulty finding equivalents to OneNote. Most notably my heavy usage of collapsible/expandable sections (along with indenting sections of notes but I think > markdown serves this purpose well enough).

I've looked into plugins such as spoilers, but unfortunately I also want to use the mobile app (Android), and I don't want markdown incompatibilities so this isn't an optimal solution.

Feature Request:

I've discovered browsing this forum that some use <details><summary> tags to create sections that can be expanded or collapsed on demand, and it works on mobile as well. I also like the appearance of it better.

Example This is how it actually appears in Joplin, turns out this forum supports it too, had to edit the post to get it to appear correctly!

However, it takes a bit more work than normal markdown to implement, not to mention the markdown editor looks much more messy. (And it breaks other markdown unless you add in some line padding, not the end of the world but takes a little familiarity.)

I was curious if this could be a potential feature candidate to add in a markdown shortcut to make it much quicker to add in these details/summary tags, much like the way one already can add in links via "[My link](https://... "Hover Text)".

Thanks in advance to any feedback on this concept, if it's viable or not, etc.

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There is a plug-in for spoilers, I am not sure if it is still working, but perhaps you can give it a try: GitHub - martinkorelic/joplin-plugin-spoilers: Joplin plugin for creating inline spoilers and spoiler blocks.

But that won’t work on mobile because there is no plugin support.

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