Same page as link (cloned/linked notes in notebooks)

Is it possible to have the same page in different notebooks as links? Like a symbolic link works in Linux?
To be clear, I don't want to reference a page in another page, I want the same page in multiple notebooks without having to download it multiple times. The reason is so that if I edit one, the other links will also get updated, Again, like symbolic links in Linux.

This is one of the main selling points of Trilium notes (which was heavily discussed here if you are interested).

It is definitely one of my favourite features of Trilium - essentially a single note can have multiple parents but that doesn't need to tbe the only way to solve it.

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You can try it with the note-overview plugin and the combine notes dynamically function.

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: id:5819da70b0d84b28b71a245f95e2f842
fields: body
  text: "{{body}}"

Edit: oh, i see it's about displaying the same note in different notebooks

Yes, I don't want a link in a note, I want the same note in multiple places without the waste of duplicate content.

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This is exactly what I'm looking for.

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Unfortunately not yet available but would definitely be an interesting option. Tagging covers some of the use cases for it but I definitely get the appeal, I would certainly use it if it was available.

The note-overview plugin has great potential the easiest thing that should be done with Note-overview is to produce an overview of all the notes in a notebook (or all the notes) similar to how google keep does it and trilium has the same functionality where all notes in a folder appear as cards when you click on the notebook.

I already use note-overview a lot to get a similar effect with some css hacks that you had helped me implement example below. Now I am trying to change this to make cards

but what's being discussed here it is different. In this case you can have multiple "copies" of the same note in different notebooks. And if you edit the note in notebook 1 it will be update automatically in notebook 2 as well.

EDIT: I decided to have a try at making the card layout take a look here if anyone is interested Note overview - #229 by meldarionqeusse

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