How to create link to other notes in other notebooks?

This is a simple question, looked around and can't find an answer for some reason, attaching image to explain.

I want to be able to ad hyperlink that goes to a note in another notebook. Kind of like an anchor tag, but not on same page.

Is this possible?

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You can right click on the note you want to link to, then you will see Copy Markdown Link

Thanks, yes, that works now what about anchor links on the same page?

I haven't used the anchor links yet.
Maybe this topic helps.

You can wrap the section you want to link to with a div and give it an id like this:

<div id="section">
<!--- content -->

Then link to it using an anchor tag like this

<a href="#section">Link to section</a>
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Just for info you can also link to specific sections of another note using headings in that note as anchor points.

Say you have a note called "Target Note" with a section in it that has a header ## Important Information.

If you want to link directly to the "Important Information" section you get the Markdown link for "Target Note" (as detailed above).

Let's pretend that link is

[Target Note](:/f717e60233694e0bb3c2410dbbfdf6a3)

Then append a hash # and the text of the header to the link, replacing any spaces with hyphens

[Target Note](:/f717e60233694e0bb3c2410dbbfdf6a3#Important-Information)

The resulting link will then be directly to the "Important Information" section within "Target Note".


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