Run out of Sync space - how to recover?

I have been using joplin for some time and it has been happily syncing to Dropbox. Now I have spotted that I have run out of space. I have two issues.

  1. Can the visibility of the "insufficient_space" message at the bottom left of the screen be improved? Some sort of warning Icon or banner acrosss the top, when you are, say, 5% away from the limit?
  2. Now my two pc's are out of sync with each other, how can I safely disconnect the Dropbox sync, maybe clean up some notes (perhaps deleting some large attachments) and get them syncing again safely?


Cleaning this up might be as easy as buying more space on the Cloud provider.

If you decide to do it manually this can get complicated if you have new unsynced note on EACH device. Whatever you do I'd export the notes on each device to a JEX or some other file type just to have a backup of something that may be missing on the other ones.

If you have one device you more or less treated as the master and the rest of the devices are simply not synced then you should be able to clean up that single device and then sync it.

If you have multiple devices that each have new notes not synced with the others then it becomes tougher. You will need to identify which notes are unique to just that device and export or copy them to some other file. Then do as above, use ONE device as the master, get enough stuff deleted to allow it to sync again then move the new unsynced notes you saved from the other device to the master and add them and allow them to sync. Or just add them back in to each device. I'd be worried about pushing past the space limit again and ending up with new unsynced notes in separate devices again. Keeping it confined to ONE 'master' device at least lessens the cleanup you might have to do again.

Unless I am missing something I am pretty sure this will work. But again, the best way is to just get more space on the cloud.


@Rootman thank you, that's an excellent help. It was pretty much the approach I was thinking and it seems I need to do a bit of research to find the unsynced notes first.
What I'm slightly concerned about is if Dropbox thinks it's full even if I reduce the number of notes on my 'master' device it will still be unwilling to sync, or is that not how cloud services work?

If you have other files on Dropbox you can also delete OTHER files on Dropbox first to try and make enough space to allow Joplin to sync. I kind of get the feeling you are using a 2GB free DB account. I get worried about my own sync space on my free OneDrive account, the have a 5GB free account. I expect Microsoft to not offer it some day or screw up the access somehow and will have to either pony up for a paid account or do my syncing some other way.

For those that visit this post later and wonder how things turned out, here is a summary of my approach. Trying to resolve the problem removing a few notes and trying to resync didn't resolve the problem and continued to throw errors.
I have two machines, one nominally the 'master'.


  1. Disable automatic sync on both machines.
  2. Back up both machines to JEX files (File - Export)
  3. Now review the notes on both machines to identify any possible missing ones or updates that had not been synced to the master. I did this using the Note Overview plugin to create lists or the recently modified notes on each machine.
  4. Notes that needed to be copied to the 'master' machine were exported as a JEX file and imported on the 'master' machine.
  5. On my cloud service I deleted the Joplin folder and its contents.
  6. Now on the 'master' machine under Tools - Options - Synchronisation - Show Advanced Settings - "Re-upload local data to sync target"
  7. Allow the sync to complete.
  8. The second machine now needs syncing but first I deleted the local files and folders at %USERPROFILE%.config\joplin-desktop with the exception of plugins and tmp folders so that I did not need to re-install my plugins.
  9. Now I was ready to sync this second machine. Tools - Options - Synchronisation - Show Advanced Settings - "Delete local data and re-download from sync target" This time taking the data from the cloud source.
  10. Allow the sync to complete.

I was now ready to resume normal syncing to the cloud on both machines.

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