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What issue do you have?

I ran out of space. I first upgraded to pro, but it didn't resolve the issue even if it says 2.11gb used of 30gb (and the billing says will happen in august at 70€, which is not the 58€ offer, the account is upgraded but sync does not work anyway, still out of space?). I immediately cancelled pro, but it doesn't seem to have taken effect either. Regardless, I deleted some notes instead as I wish to stay on the basic plan, but am still unable to add new notes and it still says 2.11gb used even if i have deleted stuff.

The best way to save space is to delete large unused attachments. For that go to Tools => Attachments and sort by size. From there you can delete any large file that you don't really need anymore.

As the Pro Upgrade it may take up to one hour for the storage to be upgraded too which is why you didn't see the change immediately.

Oh okay, so the pro won't be activated then?

I'll start deleting some photos.

You mentioned you cancelled your Pro account so no it won't be activated. Or you didn't cancel it?

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