Right click new note from tag list

(I posted this in another feature post, but realized I was technically brainstorming in there, so I made a feature request out of it…)

The ability to create a new note with the tag auto assigned by right clicking, or long press on mobile, directly on a tag. Currently, (in Winblows) with a tag selected and clicking new note, it shows the new note under the tag, but it isn’t really and won’t be there when you go back, unless you manually add the tag.

A filter on the tags listing would be awesome! I tend to create similar tags frequently, e.g “grep awk sed” “grep df” “grep ls” “grep cat” or “grep tail” and on and on. Short of making a “grep” notebook, it would be nice to have a little box next to “Tags” where I could type “grep” and see just tags containing “grep


This is a really useful feature. Will simply my workflow tremendously.

I would really like this feature. Right now adding a note or todo with a tag selected adds it to the list of notes, but it doesnt really apply the tag.

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I would like to suggest when a tag selected on the side bar (i.e. in focus) that CTRL+N new note creates a note with that tag applied.

Even just one automatic tag on a new note would make it easier.

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