Auto tagging

If we select a tag in the tags list and add a new note to it our note should get its tags automatically.


This would be great.

You can get what you want in another way. You drag the note from the notes list to the tag in the side bar, and you're done.

I know the features demand list is growing 3x faster than the dev's time ... But what would be really nice if there were ways to reduce the number of key strokes and tabs needed to do repetitive tasks. In other words, if we got slowly rid of inefficient sections of the UI.
Here is one of these examples. It nows takes 5, 6, 7 strokes or clicks to add a tag to a new note. But if the tag list automatically opened after the title is set AND the last tag was pre-selected ... that would be wonderful.
And if you didn't want it, just "esc".