Web cliper: insert reference URI into clipped page

Hi, everyone!
I have a lot of amazing experiences by using Evernote and its web clipper some years ago. But as a crowd internet geeks went to any analog when a company has changed some price's politic.
Since this time I try to find the same software and as result - found Joplin!
So.. I don't see any UX difference and actually, I use functions for clipping internet pages. And two functions I want ever:

  1. show related results from my joplins database in google search (thanks to rxliuli for "joplin-search-integration" tool) into the desktop browser
  2. insert reference URI to clipped page. time to time I try going to the source of article or news and this feature looks like very useful
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I agree. The webclipper works really fine!!! But clipped pages are like quotes to me. To be accurate, they should include an indication of it’s source. At the moment I have to add it manually every time I clip a page - unfortunately.

It's there already! It's just hidden behind a popup.


But, I agree it would be nice to have the option to have it in the note itself. There have been many posts about this. (BTW, don't forget to try to search before posting. Not sure how easy they are to find, though.)

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Sorry, indeed, I missed that although I knew it before, when explored the plugin. So much to learn! :nerd_face:

Nevertheless I like to vote for adding the link into the text body. I’m afraid otherwise the link would not be transferred, if I am forced to migrate my notes into another solution than Joplin. I don’t plan that, but portability was one of the things that persuaded me to toss my former note taking app. :wink:

I had also forgotten about it at one point.

I think there was talk about being able to export this kind of data as yaml(??) so that it would be portable.

But yes, the option to add the link in the body would be great. Since the plugin is separate from Joplin, hopefully it could get a hearing.

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