Returning to Joplin - Desktop to Mobile Sync Issue

Hi there. I used jopliJ a while ago but moved on to Notion whilst exploring the different note taking apps.

I’ve recently decided to return to Joplin as its great. The only printemps I’ve had is this.

I had s bunch of notebooks previously but now have decided to have fewer notebooks and use tags a lot more. So i went through and deleted a bunch of the notebooks and moved notes around etc

The weird thing is though, when i open the mobile app,every thing appears to be syncing, in that new notes I’ve made are there. However, all the old folders are still there too and I’m not sure how to get it to mirror what is on my main desktop app. Anyone able to help me please?

ًWelcome back to this great app.

I suggest you specify your OS on both the desktop and mobile and Joplin version on both, so the folks here can help.

Hi thanks for the reply, so on desktop I have both Windows and Linux. Windows is the only one I’ve been using since I’ve come back but will also regularly use my Linux version too, I will update you tomorrow with the version when I log back on to it.

My mobile app is android version 1.0.339 and it also says database v33.

Not sure if it helps but I’m syncing via Onedrive as my source.

Just to update my windows version is 1.0.241

What you are seeing are the effects from a poorly-implemented switch to disable synchronizations. I reset my flag on each of my devices to synch once per day (the maximum), even though I only want to synch manually (that is, when I manually click the SYNCHRONIZE button). Even if you do this, Joplin pushes “non-change related” updates out to your repository every few minutes. There is no way that you can turn it off.
So, if you are entering new data, your other devices will see those changes almost immediately. If you are modifying existing data, you won’t see those changes until after your manually synch.
The bottom line is that the “synchronization interval” (Joplin> Tools> Options> Synchonization) is ignored and designers will synch your data when they want to.

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Thanks for the explanation that does make sense as it is actually syncing very quickly, almost immediately.

Unfortunately manually clicking sync in both apps didn’t seem to refresh the notebook hierarchy on my mobile app.

It’s not a major issue to be fair, I use Joplin mainly for work on the desktop anyway.

Then I think that you should consider using the portable version, where you can keep all your data and the app on a USB stick with no synching at all.

Search the main page for “portable version”.