Is it possible to merge two profiles/databases [Android]

I have been using Joplin on two different devices, and I have some pretty different content on each. I will be getting rid of one soon, and I would like to be able to consolidate all of my notes in one place.

The ad hoc solution I thought of was to use Android Workspaces, and just run two instances of Joplin, and export the new profile from my old device into the Workspaces version of the app. This is obviously very suboptimal though, and certainly would cause issues with trying to sync to any other remote devices in the future.

Any way I can take these two different profiles/notes databases, and combine them into one in the same Joplin installation - all notes, folders, other metadata, etc accessible from the same instance of the app?

  • Is go to do this with the regular sync, without having one just constantly overwrite the other?

  • If I do this with an exported profile, is metadata such as folders and tags included with that, or will the notes arrive as just a bunch of random notes?

  • If yes to that, I would potential duplicates work - if there are folders or tags in both profiles that have the same name. Will this cause an error, to the point that I need to go in and make sure that none of them are identical? Or is there some natural way Joplin will resolve this?

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I can't think of a way to do this, especially if you only run Joplin on Android and not on Windows/Linux/macOS.

You can export the profile on Android but there's no way (that I can think of) to import it back.

So, if there no way to add a notes db/profile to the Android app without syncing?

If I export a profile is there really no way for me to import the notes/folders it just spit out?

May be I misunderstand your "mission", but it looks to me as if all yo had to do is use Joplin exactly the way it's designed:

  • setup the same sync target on both devices
  • sync the first, sync the second
  • mission accomplished.
    Since I am sure you thought about this, why exactly did it fail (if you tried) OR why didn't you try ?

When you export your profile, you aren't going to get plain text .md files. Instead, you'll get SQLite database files with your notes, metadata, app settings and everything else.
You can't import them, neither on mobile nor on desktop, it's only for debugging.

Hi, I am not completely sure if this works but maybe you can test it yourself or maybe other forum members can clarify this. But if you have a sync location and if you have a windows computer by hand you could try the following.

  1. Make 2 folders on your sync location.
  2. Sync both devices to separate folders.
  3. Install the portable version on windows
  4. Sync with first folder
  5. export notes (jex file)
  6. delete portable version (or at least all data)
  7. install portable version again
  8. sync second folder
  9. import jex file
  10. sync computer with sync target and sync android device with sync target

I guess the second folder should be the device you want to keep

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