What's the best path to maintaining my notes

Linux client v2.1.7
Android client v2.1.4

Hi there,

In moving cloud hosts, I've stumbled into the same trap as other folks, where updating the sync remote causes the local data to be wiped. Currently I have a copy of my data on my Android device, but not on my Linux client. As far as I can tell the solution to this problem is to do an export and then reimport the data. I'm also reading that there's no way to do an export from Android. The threads I've been reading said the best thing to do to ask here, so here I am! What's the best path to maintaining my notes and getting back to a functioning setup?


Not tested, but should work something like this.

  1. Close Joplin on your PC
  2. Rename your Joplin profile to joplin-desktop-org
  3. Start joplin (a empty profile is created)
  4. Close Joplin
  5. On your Android Configuration > EXPORT Profile
  6. Copy the files to your PC in the empty Joplin profile and replace all files
  7. Rename the mobil.sqlite to database.sqlite
  8. Start Joplin
  9. Export all Notes as JEX ( File > Export all > JEX ), this export should now include your mobile notes
    9 Configure sync on youre PC
  10. Than delete all your data on Joplin mobile in the Android app settings
  11. Configure Joplin to sync to your Synctarget
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The steps worked, thanks JackGruber

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