Restore desktop from Android Joplin Profile Export

Hi everyone. I use Joplin in 3 devices

  • version 2.8.1 (tablet, and mobile), version 2.3.5 (desktop, PopOS! 20.04 LTS)

For some weeks now, my webdav server was getting intermittent issues and none of my devices were synching correctly.

Thinking it was being caused by something else, I pointed my WebDav settings to a new URL folder, mis-read the fail-safe warning, and disabled it. :cry: So my desktop, and my mobile joplin notes are wiped out, and all I have left is my joplin notes from the tablet.

From the tablet I managed to export my Android profile and followed the other posts about restoring from Android to Desktop. I deleted my desktop joplin profile, then launched joplin, closed the app, and then copied joplin.sqlite from my Android exported profile to my new desktop profile.

I then renamed joplin.sqlite to database.sqlite and launched Joplin, which now refuses to recognize the database, saying it was created by an older app.

Here's the screenshot of the error message

Is there any fix for this? How can I restore my notes from joplin.sqlite to my desktop?

The fix is to update the desktop app.

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Apparently, my desktop app is out of date. Now that I've upgraded the desktop to v2.8.8, it can now read the database.

Since, I'm online and my webdav server is working again it synced in the background and basically moved all my notes to the Conflict folder.

I think I can re-do the import from my Android profile, but I'd like to ask for advise about how to stop webdav sync, and maybe sync to a different folder?

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