Restore from files / reverse synchronisation

hi there

i made a mistake in sync to my nextcloud: i moved the files to another folder, with that, all the items disappeared on the local client (linux). but luckely i do have all the files, both on the nextcloud as well as stored locally. but i cannot import them. also syncronisation files as it seems that joplin syncronises only form the computer to nextcloud and not in both directions…

so either i have to find to store the files in the right place on the computer (i checked out .config/joplin-desktop, but i could only find the resource folder but not the place where the .md files are getting stored…)

or i need to be able to aktivate something like a reverse syncronisation from nextcloud to the client.

who can help me?


You can simply delete all your local data (in ~/.config/joplin-desktop) then start the app and resync with the Nextcloud folder.

thanks, but i’m afraid it’s not working. after i’ve deleted all the joplin-desktop folder and reopened the app i would find the welcome notes. i started the sync and what’s happening now is that it uploads all files on my nextcloud…

What do you mean? What files? I thought you deleted your local ~/.config/joplin-desktop directory.
So, if you setup Joplin again and point it to the correct directory on Nextcloud, it will resync the data.
There are no local files, except the Welcome notes (which are less than 10 notes).

P.S.: Whatever you do, even though it’s fairly esy to get files back with Nextcloud, please backup the Joplin folder on Nextcloud before you start playing around.