Lost it all - How to go back in time?

Hi Y’all,
I’m on linux mint. and I woke up a couple days ago to see my Joplin app completely empty. I checked my nextcloud and it looks like the files are still there (they are encrytped so I’m not sure if everything is there but it looks like it). I also noticed that it looked like my nextcloud had changed my webDAV url, which might have been the issue. anyway, I tried syncing both the old url and the new url. neither urls threw any errors but nothing was brought down to Joplin either. At this point I tried to update Joplin which honestly which honestly was probably a bad idea. now I have some welcome notes and I’m getting encryption errors.

I never exported my Joplin notes but I do have very good full system backups. Does anyone know what I need to do to get back to where I was a couple days ago? I’m hoping I just need to replace a couple folders.

Thank you!

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The local joplin files lives in something like /home/user/.config/joplin-desktop/ so you could try restoring that folder from a previous backup. There is also likely a /home/user/.joplin/ folder that might be restored, and /home/user/.config/joplin/

As an aside, it is good practice to always include which version (both app and OS) you’re on, as that might help with getting good answers

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Thank you, worked like a charm