Nextcloud crashed, Joplin data gone 😱! Restore from "local" possible?

I have a number of local Joplin instances which "were" all in sync with the master on my Nextcloud server. The latter suffered a serious crash and had to be resinstalled. Alas, along with the crash went Joplin's data directory.

Since I have still have copies of the database and resource directory on the remote machines, I'm wondering if there is some way of simply copying these into the same location on my new Nextcloud instance (I also have a current .jex backup). I'm trying to avoid the brutally-long replication process that will otherwise occur when having to sync 2GB of data using Joplin's conventional sync mechanism :grimacing:.

Any thoughts? Suggestion to make this as painless as possible? Alternatives?

There is a "cheat" for doing this, yes. Personally I would just the "best" local version and push that up to the sync target and wait it out.

However there is a cheat I think you can do which is to take that same client and set the sync target up as file system and "upload" the data to that. It should create the same sync target content that you could then just copy into your nextcloud.

Just make sure you taken a ton of backups before you do anything.

Hey, I like it, @Daeraxa; I'll give that a shot.

  • I can build a small shed with all of the backups I now have littered about the place :wink:

Haha, you would be surprised how often backups aren't made, I never assume any more... I just naturally add it now to literally any advice regarding sync target config - I should set it up as a macro...

As I started the process, I got scared-off by the warning that I must first load all of my data to the new file system directory or risk losing everything. As that would be rather counter-productive, I took heed.

Scrambling for an alternative, I scrolled down and saw "Show Advanced Settings". Clicking on it brought me to "Re-upload local data to sync target". Because that suggested this option would do exactly what I want, I jumped right in.

My local data is now in the process of being loaded onto my fresh Nexcloud instance. I think that it's going to take just shy of "forever" to be complete but, at least I won't have to experience the pain of all of my clients having to go through a full resync. Or so I think. Er,... "hope".


Is there such an option of "Re-upload local data to sync target" as well for the mobile application?
I could not find anything.

I had a data corruption, where quite some images on my PC's joplin/resources folder where overwritten with zeros (filesize remained, but content replaced by binary zeros) and on the sync target it is the same. I do not know, where was the source, and where the consequence.
But I realized that in the mobile app there are (at least some) photos still working, apparently not overwritten. Apparently the sync did not touch them, therefore luckily they have not been replaced by the zero'ed versions.

Now I am wondering, how to get these uncorrupted resources out of the mobile phone to restore them everywhere else.
Do you have an idea?

It appears that you may be out of luck, @janklostermann. Although there is such an advanced option on my desktop version of Joplin (v2.8.8), it doesn't seem to be available on the mobile app.

In any case, even in spite of the advanced option, this is a major pain in the :horse: . Working this through the sync mechanism isn't working out. Only 10 MB uploaded within the past couple of days is unacceptable. Since the recommended "cheat" didn't work out, I'm now back to wanting to load everything directly into my Nextcloud Joplin directory.

I loaded my entire .resource directory onto my Nextcloud. It's not quite working out as I had hoped; now I have conflicts. Something to do with the sqlite db, probably. Grrr...

I know this WON'T help the OP here, but fwiw, a future solution may be to use local and/or Nextcloud-side backups.
I for one am using

  • on my Linux computer, the open source application "Back in time", that almost explicitly is a clone of Apple's MacOS TimeMachine. Plenty of similar apps exist for all OSes...

  • as concerns the NextCloud server, while I didn't try it yet for Joplin, actually I have one at home, through a 'NextBox' appliance which basically uses a minimal Raspberry box that comes preloaded with a Debian instance with a containerized NextCloud and some easy steps to have it up, running and autoconected through a variety of possible internet redirectors (I chose one of the presets,, in just a couple of clicks)
    This system allows to create backups of the full Nextcloud installation, through a dedicated NextCloud plugin, that may save one's life if NextCloud crashes... -now I'm tempted to try...

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