Resolving issue: Desktop: Show installed plugins in Help - About Joplin #6143

For resolving this issue I was doing changes in ...\joplin\packages\app-desktop\gui\MenuBar.tsx. There is a function:

function _showAbout() {
				const v = versionInfo(packageInfo);
				const copyToClipboard = bridge().showMessageBox(v.message, {
					icon: `${bridge().electronApp().buildDir()}/icons/128x128.png`,
					buttons: [_('Copy'), _('OK')],
					cancelId: 1,
					defaultId: 1,

				if (copyToClipboard === 0) {

I changed v.message and v.body with my name "Riya" just to check I am doing changes in right function. I was expecting that when I will click the copy button my name will be copied to clipboard but it is not happening. Am I on the right track? Is this the file in which I should do changes to resolve that issue.

The answer is in - you need to have yarn run watch running.

Thanks I got it.