Proposal for GSoC 2021

Warm greetings to the dynamic Joplin Community :smiley:. I could not find the template in the About the GSoC category post (its resulting in 404 Error), so I am creating my own format for the introduction.

I am Tapajyoti Bose, an avid Open Source Contributor :man_technologist: who has contributed to several large Open Source Projects as can be seen on my GitHub. You may also visit my Portfolio to check out my experience in this field. I have also worked with Electron in quite a few projects before.

I would like to work on the Paste special idea as suggested in the GSoC 2021 idea list. I would also like to work an additional small idea :bulb:: Developing a Custom Window Top-Bar for the Desktop App, which would also solve Make menu bar black with dark themes issue. I would be requiring some help from the community (especially @CalebJohn , @tessus , @roman_r_m, the potential mentors for the Paste special idea) as I am new to the code base and don't know how it works.


Hi Tapajyoti

I suggest you start by fixing one of open issues, maybe the one you've mentioned, before adding any new functionality.

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I have started working on it, but cannot understand how to style the components (the theme.js mentioned in isn't present). Could you please guide me a bit on that?

Maybe see how other components are styled?

If you notice an error in docs feel free to submit a separate PR to fix it. says:

For changes made to the Desktop client that affect the user interface, refer to packages/app-desktop/theme.ts for all styling information. The goal is to create a consistent user interface to allow for easy navigation of Joplin's various features and improve the overall user experience.

But the file isn't present. I don't know how to correct the doc.

Maybe you could use your code editors search functionality and search for "theme.ts".

Or you could take Roman's suggestion and start checking the code. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with a code base and is a necessary step to understand how it works, and how you can change it.

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Yeah, I went through the code and I am working on the issue. The PR I opened was closed as work in progress PRs were unacceptable (I overlooked it). I'll finish off the task and open a separate PR for it.