Coding Phase - Week 9 Report

Last Week

Live preview: Joplin Plugins

  • Fixed download button
  • Removed overview popover on home page
  • Discussed ways to implement the comment feature
  • Rebuild search feature
    • Removed search modal
    • Now when you typed in the search box and hit enter, you will be redirected to a new page presenting the search result.
    • Now the search result is displayed in the style of a plugin card as the ones on the home page.
  • Added screenshots section to plugin detail page
    • It is only placeholders for now. It will be able to extract images from .jpl file according to the plugin manifest after this PR is merged.

Next week

  • Refactor the code with Typescript
  • Raise a PR to maintain the categories field in the main codebase
  • Embed Discourse Comment Embed into the plugin detail page
  • Continue to work on screenshots section

see my note here: Coding Phase - Week 8 Report - #17 by PackElend

Moreover, you may want to add some direct download and install buttons to simplify the download/install process:
The idea of the check box is to allow to select multiple plugins and install them at once.

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Like a shopping cart? Sounds great, I'll add that to my to-do list.

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that gets me to the question. Is it intended to render this page within Joplin to install plugins directly?

are you sure you gonna make this within a week?

It's not in the original plan, and I think it's better to leave the in-app plugin store still to match the style of the whole joplin app.

just wondering how that is supposed to work:


It was discussed to use deep link to install plugins (someone raise this PR but now it seems that it is now closed), I think I'll remove this button for now, and implement this after the project is finished as an improvement.

reason is quite simple:

Still several issues. Closing for now and feel free to let us know when the comments are addressed.

you can do but mentioned it, that is planned to finish the PR and implement it (in the long term)

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